Welcome to Otaku-Box! A place where you can find many high quality graphics. Otaku-Box was created and founded by Jessica in 2014. Planned on creating a great site to find many different kinds of high quality resources and graphics.

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    We offer a wide variety of textures.

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    Here at Otaku-Box, we bring you tons of wallpapers from diffrent series. Usually downloadable in different sizes.

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    Now offering transparent PNGs.

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    Premade designs for your web design needs.

    Web designs in tables, div, iframe, etc.

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News and Updates

Raised from the Dead.
My update was taking longer than before. I got serious design block into the middle of my revamp. So, I've decided to bring back my old layout temporarily until I can deside how to procede with the new layout. I will figure it out soon. I am currently trying to decide if wordpress is the way I want to go at this moment.
Posted October 1, 2016 by Jessica

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